*** Great news!***
Sharon Dooley received the endorsement of the Gazette for District 2:

"The departure of council member Mike Knapp leaves a significant hole on the
council. Community activist Sharon Dooley is the best choice among several
Democrats vying for the seat.
Dooley, who has a background in nursing and now works as a consultant in health
care compliance, has been working to help her community for years, most recently
having completed her second term as president of the Greater Olney Civic
Association. One example of a small, but complicated success during her tenure
was a 35 percent reduction in the size of signs for the first leg of the Intercounty
Connector highway, which Dooley believed were out of character with the
Dooley's reputation brands her as an overzealous environmentalist, but her current
mindset seems to be more expansive. While she supports measures like carbon
controls, she believes the council's top priorities relate to budgeting, land use and
the oversight of county agencies. For example, she favors publishing a line-by-line
school system budget to foster accountability.
Dooley is also strong on planning, as she recognizes an imbalance between the
east and west county in terms of development. She favors additional job creation
along the Route 29 corridor to serve as a counterweight to overly congested
Interstate 270."

During the District 2 candidate forum, Sharon Dooley demonstrated an in-depth
knowledge of her district and a willingness to work to improve the current problems
in Clarksburg and protect the upcounty from over-development.

Sharon has been endorsed by the Green Democrats, Progressive Neighbors and
the National Organization for Women.

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