Roger Berliner showed very little interest in the unprecedented amount of opposition to
the Gaithersburg West Master Plan even though his district will be directly affected by the
thousands of cars cutting through North Potomac and Potomac going back and forth to
Virginia.  Falls Road, Seven Locks, Piney Meetinghouse and Travilah Road will all be highly
impacted, especially since they are, for the most part, two-lane roads.
He mentioned a compromise figure at one point, which was great, but that was it.

Roger Berliner received an endorsement from the Washington Post:
Roger Berliner, the hard-working, knowledgable first-term incumbent who has
concentrated on energy issues, is a better bet than Ilaya Hopkins, a bright community
activist. The winner will face Republican Rob Vricella, who has no primary opponent.

Roger Berliner has the endorsement of the Sierra Club.

Berliner, Hopkins engage in first debate of election, June 2, 2010

Carbon Tax Packet, Added May 26, 2010

Preview of where Roger Berliner and his challenger Ilaya Hopkins stand on the issues, May
12, 2010