Phil Andrews worked very closely with the community during the Gaithersburg West
Master Plan process.  He is very involved in the community and has made several trips
on foot through each of the neighborhoods in order to get to know the residents and
hear their concerns first-hand.

Spending, taxes are focus of Montgomery primaries, July 10, 2010
Phil Andrews, in District 3, has a cakewalk to reelection, as he should: He is the most
principled and fiscally responsible member of the council, and a leader by example.

Phil Andrews has the endorsement of the Sierra Club.

A tale of two counties - letter to the editor about Phil Andrews, June 6, 2010

Montgomery Council Approves End to ‘Imputed Compensation’ Regarding Pensions,
May 18, 2010

Phil Andrews' Comments on Gaithersburg West, April 14, 2010