During the candidate forums Nancy Floreen mentioned that the county has been lucky up
'til now and seemed somewhat surprised that the county was so unready to deal with the
economic downturn.  Other than that, Nancy has said little of substance at the
Germantown, Clarksburg or Gaithersburg candidate forums.

Nancy Floreen received a luke-warm endorsement from the Washington Post:
Ms. Floreen did herself no favors last year by elbowing aside a colleague to grab the
rotating council presidency, which she currently holds; she ended up presiding -- without
finesse -- over painful budget negotiations and a bitter standoff between the council and
the school superintendent, Jerry D. Weast. Still, Ms. Floreen, completing her second term
on the council, is seasoned and pragmatic, and she has been smart to stress the need for
a broader tax base and longer-term fiscal planning.

Nancy Floreen was completely absent from the discussions of the Gaithersburg Master
Plan even though she sat on the Planning, Housing and Economic Development (PHED)
Committee.  This committee is expected to evaluate the plan very carefully in order to
make a recommendation to the full Council.  She didn’t ask questions or expect
clarification even though Marc Elrich and Phil Andrews brought up a multitude of issues
and irregularities in the plan.  
She was obviously there to approve the plan and didn’t care to be bothered with the facts.