Marc Elrich worked very closely with the community during the Gaithersburg West
Master Plan process and represented our interests on the Planning, Housing and
Economic Development (PHED) Committee and the Council.

August 25, 2010 -
Gazette endorsement - "Elrich has a near-encyclopedic
understanding of the two most important issues the county will face during the next
four years: a growing budget deficit and ever-increasing demand for transportation as
the population balloons and infrastructure dollars shrink.

In his first term on the council, Elrich has shown an ability to evolve beyond the
firebrand reputation he had carried. His work on a proposal for a countywide bus rapid
transit system has bridged gaps with communities he had previously alienated, such as
developers and businesses. He was among the leaders in working through the details
in planning for White Flint's future and the development of a "Science City" between
Rockville and Gaithersburg.

Elrich can still ruffle feathers with his demeanor, but he has demonstrated a maturity
and serious approach to his job that some of his colleagues have not. That will be
needed as the county continues to face challenging fiscal times."

August 8, 2010 - During the Democratic forum at the Casey Community Center, Marc
gave a detailed description of his concerns regarding the Gaithersburg West Master
Plan (Great Seneca Science Corridor plan) and once again said he has never seen a
group of people who were so ignored as we were during the master plan process.

July 28, 2010 - During the candidate forum in Clarksburg , Marc reiterated his point that
while the preservation of the Ag Reserve is important, it cannot be used as an excuse
to push all the density into other communities.

July 12, 2010 - At the Germantown Chamber of Commerce candidate forum, Marc stated
that there is, at present, 33 million square feet of approved commercial space and 17
million square feet of vacant space in the county...enough for approximately 165,000
jobs!  He said our focus should on attracting new business and helping small
businesses grow to fill the existing space rather than concentrating on approving
more and more additional commercial space.
He also spoke about the extensive bus rapid transit system he has proposed to make
public transit more workable for county residents.  For more information on this plan,
click here.

Marc Elrich has recieved the endorsement of the Washington Post:
Mr. Elrich, a first-term member and former teacher, has been a pleasant surprise, a left-
leaning iconoclast who has also become one of the more independent-minded, detail-
oriented and constructive members of the council. His dogged advocacy of an express
bus network in the county has galvanized support, and his proposals to streamline
government and procedures for new development are serious and substantive.

Marc Elrich has received the endorsement of the Sierra Club.

Planning Board Chairman Hanson leaving as county undergoes change, June 9, 2010
Some residents believe the board and planning staff see the community as an
"obstacle," said Councilman Marc B. Elrich (D-At large) of Takoma Park, who has
clashed with planners who he said want to allow an "obscene level" of traffic
congestion to make way for urbanization.
"We've heard a lot about planning for 20 years from now, but not for people who live
here now — I think that's wrong," Elrich said.
Planners' "disconnect" with communities was pronounced in new plans for developing
a bioscience and technology hub west of Interstate 270 between Rockville and
Gaithersburg, Elrich said.
Surrounding neighbors are alarmed about the congestion that a tripling of jobs and
unsettled plans for adding transit could bring.
"This is the largest group of un-listened-to people I've ever seen," Elrich said.

A tale of two counties - letter to the editor by Marc Elrich, June 6, 2010

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