George Leventhal, during the Gaithersburg West Master Plan process, expressed his lack
of concern for the residents.  Obviously he had made up his mind to pass the plan and
having to deal with the residents was clearly distasteful judging from his mocking
comments and his manic performance at the Quince Orchard Town Hall Meeting.
He showed no concern for the many problems that will result from the addition of 40,000
workers and 20,000 residents to the “Science City” area which is about 1.5 square miles in
a suburban residential area, five miles from the Metro.  
He did not ask for additional information or clarification on any of the issues,
inconsistencies or inaccuracies brought up by Phil Andrews, Marc Elrich or the residents.  
His mind was made up.

During the Democratic forum at the Casey Community Center, August 8, George reiterated
his strong support for the Science City.  

George Leventhal did not receive an endorsement from the Washington Post:
"The one at-large incumbent we do not endorse is George L. Leventhal. A two-term
council member, he has prodded the county to extend primary health care for uninsured
and low-income residents and pushed other worthwhile initiatives involving transit and
job growth. However, by pandering to public employee unions, he has also played a key
role in fostering a culture of entitlement that led directly to unbridled spending,
outrageous perks and irresponsible budgets. He was not alone in coddling the unions,
but he led the charge."