Duchy Trachtenberg proposed a Health Impact Assessment for the area around the
Gaithersburg West Master Plan study area and community involvement in the master
plan implementation.  We will be watching closely to see if these plans are carried out.

She was adamant that the Gaithersburg West Master Plan be approved for its
monetary value to the county, even though it is questionable whether the Fiscal
Analysis supports the notion that the development approved in the Master Plan will be
to profitable for the county.  Any plan that relies on $2 billion of infrastructure
improvements should have been analyzed very carefully and this was not done.  

At the Germantown Chamber of Commerce candidate forum on July 12, Duchy said she
thought the Council's relationship with the Planning Board would be more
collaborative, transparent and productive now that Royce Hanson has been replaced
by Francoise Carrier.

Duchy Tractenberg has received the endorsement of the Washington Post:
Ms. Trachtenberg, who can be cantankerous, is not winning popularity contests on the
council or with public employee unions, with whom she has tangled. But she
distinguished herself as the first of the at-large council members to sound the alarm
on the county's grave fiscal problems and has been a tough and consistent voice for
trimming spending and budgeting responsibly. That took courage, and she deserves

Duchy Trachtenberg has received the endorsement of the Sierra Club.