August 25, 2010 - Gazette - "Of the two Republicans vying to face Leggett, Doug Rosenfeld
is the better choice. Rosenfeld, an attorney from Potomac, demonstrates an in-depth
knowledge of county issues and has a hawk-like focus on reducing spending.

He has a great deal of criticism for the county executive, particularly when it comes to
spending on what he views as unnecessary projects, like a police helicopter unit, and
reducing the county's nearly $1 billion deficit through temporary fixes, like furloughs.
Rosenfeld is strongest when discussing the budget, in which he proposes significant cuts
to school and county administrators, including reducing the number of council members to

Rosenfeld also criticizes Leggett for his economic development efforts, pointing to the
naming of Steve Silverman as director of economic development as a political rather than a
practical move. Rosenfeld's plan for economic development would be to reform the office
by hiring technocrats, rather than those with political leanings, to operate it.

Rosenfeld offers the best chance for Republicans in this race."