represents the interests of
residents in:
Washingtonian Woods
Flints Grove
Walnut Hills
Mission Hills
Gateway Park
Amberlea Farm
Potomac Ridge
Quince Orchard Knolls
Lakelands Ridge
Dufief Mill
Potomac Crossing
Potomac Hunt Run
Dufief Manor
New Mark Commons
Overlook at Westleigh
Kentlands Manor
North Potomac
The Oaks
The Willows
Glenora Hills
Quince Haven Estates
Dufief Mill Estates
Natalie Estates
Query Mill
Windmill Farm
Potomac Chase Estates
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Hunting Hill Way
Travilah Grove
Polo Estate
Roberts Landing
Hunting Woods
Fox Hills Green
Quince Haven
Hunting Woods
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Bellwood Manor
Park Summit
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Park Summit
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Willow Ridge
Greenbriar Estates
Woodley Gardens
Shady Grove Village
Lakewood Estates
Brighten East II
Courtyards at Rio
Fox Hills West
Plymouth Woods
Reserve at Crown Point

Reliance on massive over-development will destroy connectivity between neighborhoods, degrade the environment
and increase congestion on the already-crowded roads. is a collaborative effort of community and civic organizations in
Montgomery County, Maryland who believe growth must be carefully managed to
prevent unprecedented levels of traffic congestion, pressure to build on the
ever-decreasing green spaces and the degradation of our existing communities and
The commercial development proposed in the Great Seneca Science Corridor
Master Plan is entirely too dense for the suburban residential character of the area,
particularly on Belward Farm, a Civil War-era farm, which is adjacent to four
established neighborhoods.
Caroline Taylor (Executive Director of the Montgomery Countryside Alliance) and I met
with Leslie Weber (Director of the Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County
Campus) and Ellen Poltilove (Communications and Media Relations Manager, Johns
Hopkins Montgomery County Campus).  A couple of months ago, we proposed an
agrihood with an organic garden, healthy food, a neighborhood and a Health and
Wellness Center for Belward.  It appeared at that time that it did not go well but later I
heard from Leslie that the sticking point was the proposed housing.

So, last week we presented a proposal for the Belward Farm Wellness Village which
could still have the Health and Wellness Center, an organic garden, a farmers’ market, a
farm-to-table restaurant and an artisan food village.  However, instead of the housing
we proposed a Wellness Village which would include nursing homes, rehab facilities,
treatment and health centers built around a large healing garden with interlocking paths
throughout the farm.  

A perimeter road with the health and wellness facilities within the perimeter road would
enable the patients, their caregivers and visitors to have access to the healing gardens
and walking paths without crossing roads.  Also the perimeter road would discourage
high-speed cut-through traffic.  

The organic garden would provide healthy foods for the farmers’ market, the Wellness
Village and the restaurant.

The Corridor Cities Transitway, if it is built, could enter the farm from Great Seneca
Highway (called Option 4) which would create a more tranquil healing environment
within the Wellness Village.

The buildings outside the perimeter road could be used for classrooms and research
facilities.  The entire farm should be filled with trees because research has shown that
patients heal faster when they can see and walk among the trees.  Horticultural therapy
could also be part of the treatment protocols.

Caroline presented some interesting ideas to Leslie and Ellen for the preservation and
use of the historic farmstead.  Leslie was interested in the
Land Link program
opportunities in terms of getting a farmer to work the farm parcel.  More on this to come.

Leslie indicated during our conversation that Hopkins is already looking into the
concept of a Wellness Village on Belward Farm.  So, after eight years, it appears that we
MAY be approaching a shared vision for Belward Farm.  Which would be amazing.

The Belward Farm Wellness Village documents may be found below.

Donna Baron

Coordinator, The Gaithersburg – North Potomac – Rockville Coalition